"I found SMBK online while I was searching around and I'm sure glad I did. The sales team was very helpful and the cost was great. I considered a pole barn but the quality and price was nothing compared to SMBK. The process was simple and the building was easy to erect."

John S.

"We are very pleased with the quality of our SMBK building. We were impressed with blue prints and how detailed they were and so easy to follow. We put this building up ourselves with the help of a couple friends and neighbors. The staff was there to answer any questions we had. They helped us through the whole process. I know we will enjoy the building for many years to come."

Susan F.

"I specifically avoided buying a cheap, low quality building on purpose. I'm very satisfied with the quality, it's a nice, strong building. All parts were delivered and fit together without any needed adjustments. It looks great too! Overall satisfied with the building and the customer service I received."

Billy C.

"I'm very happy I decided to purchase an SMBK steel building. I am very happy with the quality and in fact I receive many compliments from all who see it for the first time. My crew got my building up quickly and with no problems. Thank you SMBK for your great product and help in designing my building."

Howard W.

"I'd like to commend Kyle on his help on my steel building. He was on the spot on every detail of the building he was honest and accurate on everything that he promised, he was totally honest and prompt. SMBK makes one hell of a building. On a scale of 1-10, I'd rate my experience a 12. I was very satisfied."

Beatrice V.

"We are very pleased with the quality of our building! My husband & I spend a lot of time together in our building. He does metal work & welding, I enjoy jewelry making and stone polishing. We love how sturdy, secure and cozy it feels and the insulation keeps it pleasant to work in. We really love that our building is American Made!"

Sherlie G.

"First impressions are everything! The salesman I talked to was very helpful and informative. I had called 2 other steel building companies before deciding to go with SMBK and I did not feel comfortable spending that much money over the phone with anyone other than SMBK. They also offered the best value. I got the biggest building at the best price and the quality is second to none. SMBK delivered exactly what they promised and there were no surprises."

Josh H.


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We don't adhere to the same standards as the competition.  We obsess over every member, every connection plate, and every weld in your building so you don't have to. You don’t see all that effort until you erect the building and then it ALL makes sense.

We know you have choices in the marketplace and sometimes it gets confusing. Our friendly Building Experts are here to help you with any questions you may have.

Our Roof

SMBK roofs carry a 35-year rust through warranty. Our material yields 80,000 PSI and is 26 gauge steel. You can also get it in 24 gauge.

Our Roofing System

The SMBK roofing system takes advantage of the purlin bearing rib (PBR) roof panel system which provide for a full overlap of the corrugation.

The SMBK roofing system takes advantage of the purlin bearing rib (PBR) roof panel system which provide for a full overlap of the corrugation.

Other buildings use an "R" panel which only overlaps 1/3 of the way into the corrugation, lessening the strength in the overlap and leading to a higher potential of leakage.

Our Paint Coatings

SMBK provides our customers with 2 different coating options.

SMBK provides our customers with 2 different coating options. Our SMP (Silicone Polyester) carries a 40 year warranty and is our most popular. We also have Kynar which carries a 35 year warranty.

Other companies use inferior paint that only offer a 20 year warranty and even something only a 10 year. Another effort to cut the cost and provide a cheaper building but eventually leading to more cost to the customer.

Getting Started

Getting started on your building project is easy and the whole process can be completed in a relatively short period of time. Remember these three NO's to pre-engineered metal buildings.

Do not base your decision on price alone Cheaper is NOT better Do not cut corners on your building system

We have seen time and again that the cheapest buildings wind up being the most expensive! When punches don't line up and parts are damaged or missing, you will be left with more cost in trying to rectify the issue. Then you have subpar materials with little to no warranty that rust or wear out sooner, thus costing you more money to replace.

SMBK Benefits

Our building kits are customizable
Our building kits are easy to erect
Our building blueprints are easy to read and follow
With our kits, you save 40% over conventional construction